Keystone MIS Ltd specialises in supporting Management Information Systems within Schools.

As a team we understand the importance of having a reliable MIS and we pride ourselves in ensuring that is the case.

We strongly believe that your information system is the keystone to your school, something that is important to the entire structure, be it attendance, attainment, behaviour, special needs, curriculum, reporting or Statutory Returns.


  • SIMS Support For Schools up-arrow down-arrow

    Keystone MIS works closely with teams across the Local Authorities, to ensure we are able to provide a complete ‘end-to-end’ service in terms of managing Schools staff and pupil information. SIMS software is supplied by Capita Educational Services and the team liaises regularly with Capita to ensure that the needs of the Schools are met.

    We respect confidentiality with Schools and adhere to the relevant security laws and data protection act. All staff also have clean CRB checks for access to Schools.

    Academies – All phases of Academy can use us for support. If you are a sponsored academy or under an umbrella trust then we will be more than happy to contact your sponsor/trust to arrange for your support provision to be transferred across to us.

    Maintained LA schools – Supported by LA team – There can be obstacles in place to prevent us from offering support to schools who are currently supported directly by an LA team. This is not to say however that we are unable to support schools in this situation because every LA is different in how it offers support to schools then we would need to contact the LA and investigate further on your behalf.

    Supported by Third Party/Capita – If you are currently supported by Capita or a third party company such as ourselves then we would be able to offer your school support. If you are supported by Capita then you need to be aware of the notice period required to notify them that you would no longer need their support.

    Capita Direct schools – All schools who currently use Capita direct for support would need to notify Capita prior to their contract being up for renewal. We can help with any contract questions or give advice to any school who is currently contracted with Capita direct.


  • Service Delivery up-arrow down-arrow

    Our service to Schools is provided primarily through our Accredited Service Desk support which is available from 8:30-17:00 Monday-Friday. We have 5 dedicated lines for support and our telephone support and remote support service is completely unlimited. We use several different software packages to enable us to provide remote support solutions to your school. With just a few clicks we can view your screen while you’re on the phone to us and give you that tailored one-to-one support over the phone.

    We understand what Schools look for most when it comes to a support service and you can trust us when it comes to delivering the tailored support you need, when you need it most.

    Census Returns
    With over fifty census returns and counting our team knows how important these times of year are for you. All guidance and support is provided and our service desk has additional resources to help deal with these peak periods of the year. Keeping up to date with requirements from the DfE and digesting it into understandable quick reference guides has become our forte.

    Year End
    Creating the new academic year and planning ahead with new admissions is something we specialise in, you can be assured of our help through this process.

    We have many years’ experience helping schools gather information from SIMS ready for inspectors and we keep up to date with changing data requirements. We even offer a 1 day training course in preparing for OFSTED.

    Exam Results Day / Key stage returns
    A crucial time in any young person’s life and we are always on hand to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

    Academy Transition
    Changing into an academy should be an exciting time for any school and the last thing you need to worry about is your SIMS & FMS conversions. We are here to offer help and support through the transition but above all peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.


  • Details of Service up-arrow down-arrow

    What’s included in our service:

    · Upgrade, install and support your SIMS system in all modules.

    · Provide professional training in the use of SIMS/FMS (see website for details.)

    · Maintain SIMS/FMS database functionality (upgrades/patches.)

    · Respond to all queries through our service desk either with remote support or site visits where required.

    · Reporting from SIMS, we can help you write reports to get the most out of SIMS.

    · Software testing new products and upgrades to make sure they are compatible.

    · Additional support during key events in the year, census etc.

    · Impartial advice to schools on the purchase of new software and compatibility with SIMS.

    · Maintain data transfers (B2B) between your school and the LA if required.

    · Keeping schools up to date with DfE requirements.

    · Attend and report updates/feedback from CAPITA (SIMS) events, annual SIMS Conference and other educational information management seminars.

    · We respect confidentiality and adhere to the relevant security laws and data protection act. All staff have Criminal Review Board checks for access to data.


  • SIMS Service Review up-arrow down-arrow

    All of our supported Schools are entitled to a free annual SIMS Service review. We will sit and discuss your school improvement alongside your school business manager or anyone from your senior Leadership team to work together to suggest ways SIMS can help towards your school strategic goals. We will take a look at your recent OFSTED report to make suggestions to help your school get the most out of SIMS based on any recommendations they have made. We have a fully qualified and experienced team who are more than capable of putting together training plans for new members of staff or looking at ways to help your overall school improvement.


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