Keystone MIS are not your average SIMS Support team. Take a closer look at our Professional services to see what more we can offer your School.

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    What the Service Covers:
    We can provide consultation for your school to work with a particular member of staff for their own development, an area of SIMS for data improvement e.g assessment manager or an overview of how you are using SIMS to get the most from the functionality available.

    An example of an assessment consultation would be where a member of the team comes in to discuss your requirements in terms of recording and tracking your data before looking at what systems you currently have in place. To do this we would ideally work with the member of staff who is responsible for this in the school, where appropriate, to ensure we are looking at the most up to date information and system you are using. We would then report back to you our findings and suggestions for improvement along with recommendations for improvement and any further work that may need to be done.

    Improvements could include some housekeeping of your database to ensure everything is up to date, or it could be a training need that has been identified and we would work with you to put together an action plan with staff involved, timescales and cost implications. You can them decide which, if any, of these recommendations you would like to take on board and which staff to include.

    Cost: £360 (full day)

  • Assessment for Programme of Study (PoS) up-arrow down-arrow

    What the Service Covers:
    If you are a primary school and would like to use the Programmes of Study in SIMS we can provide training, either at our training centre or onsite, for you and your staff to ensure you get the most from the package.

    If you are not using the National Curriculum model we can also help to set up a bespoke assessment solution (please see below) for you to allow you to record and track assessment and progress in your school, again by working with you to determine your specific requirements then importing the finished solution into SIMS for your use. This would involve some consultation to discuss your requirements to ensure we give you everything you need to be able to use the data effectively. The cost for this service would usually be worked out on the amount of time spent creating the solution, please ask for an example.

    Cost: £360 (full day onsite training)

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    What the Service Covers:
    We can help your school setup a bespoke assessment solution which fits your needs using SIMS assessment manager.

    Please click on the links to see examples of the data which can be provided using a bespoke assessment manager setup.

    Cost :  This is often an area of concern for schools, many of these systems can enter into the thousands of pounds with other providers.  We charge based on our day rate of £360* and work with you to project manage a system which will fulfil your requirements and most importantly not cost the earth.

    *Because each school is unique in their requirements the days spent can range from 2-3 for a small primary school 3-6 for a large primary school and 8-12 for a secondary school.  these are just estimates and are determined by the requirements of the school which are set out before any work begins so that the price we quote is the price you pay. 

  • FMS Academy conversion up-arrow down-arrow

    Our FMS conversion service consists of the following features:

    We send you an FMS questionnaire to identify the areas of functionality in FMS you are comfortable with and perhaps the areas you are not. This helps us to deliver our later FMS training day with you (mentioned later in this list)
    An on-site meeting to review and discuss your academy FMS accounting requirements. We will advise you of the influences being an academy has on your FMS chart of accounts structure.
    Production of a document describing your new FMS chart of accounts. This is our Requirements Specification – a formal document for you to sign as agreement of your new FMS database design.
    Within the database we will add ledger codes for EFA income and other expenditure that may arise once you are an academy

    Creation of a new FMS database matching the agreed design as stated in the Requirements Specification
    Import of the latest Academy Budget Forecast report
    Installation of the database with multi company setup so both databases can be accessed
    We will ensure the back up includes new database.
    FMS on site training day. We arrange an FMS training day with you covering the use of the new chart of accounts, the areas of FMS identified in the FMS Questionnaire as areas to concentrate and the general areas of functionality relevant to academy status.
    We will advise regarding the closure of the old FMS database

    Cost: £1500 for everything listed above (an additional day training may be required and is priced at £295)

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