Our Case Studies

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Fiona and the rest of the team at Keystone MIS. Their support has been invaluable and their knowledge and quick response to queries and problems has been second to none

School Name: South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College
Customer: Debbie Murgett
Role: HR Advisor
Date: 31st March 2017


We initially approached Keystone MIS to improve how we were using SIMS to capture staff data.

The Brief

We wanted to investigate whether we could enhance the system to capture additional staff information, improve the accuracy of our data and limit duplication by eliminating the need for additional spreadsheets used to capture staff information.  Our aim was to be able to produce reports specific to our requirements and reduce the mount of time HR spent on producing reports such as absence, headcount and updating and maintaining the single central record amongst others.

Solution Offered

During our initial meetings with Dave and the team at Keystone we were pleased with their level of knowledge and enthusiasm to assist us achieve our goal.


We were appointed a special consultant to work with and Fiona quickly became an extended and invaluable part of our HR team working closely with us to rename and introduce new fields, amend lookups and pay structure to reflect our setup and write bespoke reports and mail merges.  Throughout the project Fiona was particularly helpful, pointing out how to utilise the system to it’s full potential and identifying areas we could improve.

The final and lengthy part of the project entailed a full data clean-up.


The system is now refreshed and accurate and has given us a new simpler means of providing information on our staff.  The following reports are now available for us:

  • Headcount by department, teaching/non-teaching, employment type
  • Absence by department, teaching/non-teaching, absence type
  • End of fixed term contracts
  • First aid expiry
  • Singe Central Record
  • Starters analysis
  • Leavers Analysis

In addition to the above reports new mail merges to notify and provide relevant data to key departments on starters and leavers have been introduced as well as standard offer letter templates and a useful form to check personal details.

We are sure there are more ways we can utilise SIMS to improve our working practices and save time which we will explore in the future.  Other areas of the school are now considering investigating ways to improve their ways of working with the support of Keystone.

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