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5th December - SIMS Office Hints and Tips


Course Outline

This course is aimed at school office staff and follows on from the SIMS Office User Primary course.  It extends the knowledge on the procedures for maintaining a wider range of accurate and useful data on pupils within the school’s Management Information System (MIS).

The course deals with some of the extended requests for information from the schools MIS and guides delegates through the general housekeeping routines.


The objectives are that by the end of the course the delegate will have the skills necessary to use SIMS in a school office environment including:

  • Extending Pupil Data (recording Passport and Nationality Details, adding individual photographs)
  • Linking agents and agencies
  • How to record an absent pupil
  • Recording behaviour incidents and achievements
  • How to record exclusions
  • Updating Parental Salutation and Addressee fields
  • Manage individual registration group membership over time
  • Understanding of the Pastoral Structure
  • Maintaining the School Diary
  • Creating and reporting on User Defined Groups
  • Creating User Defined Fields
  • General Housekeeping routines
  • How to view and add Basic Staff Details
  • How to use the Home Page.

Throughout the course tasks/activities will be related to scenarios to equip delegates with the skills to accurately locate/view information and maintain their data. The course will investigate how to respond to requests for information needed from the software on pupils, these requests may come from teachers, support staff etc.

The idea to use scenarios throughout the course is to give the delegates a more realistic approach to the training, and to try to mirror some of the tasks/requests that may occur back in the school office on a daily basis.

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